Kintsugi – A novel

By: Anukrti Upadhyay

Anukrti is a Mumbai-based writer, and Kintsugi is her third novel after securing hype in the previous two top-selling stories. It is an incredible book that highlights the Kintsugi craft and sheds light on the beauty of broken things. Also, the whole book is beautifully written, portraying the beauty of Japan and Jaipur.

Her story revolves around fascinating characters like Haruko and Leela. They belong to the goldsmith family but are forbidden to explore any crafts. Leela realizes her interest in the art and starts practicing Kintsugi methods until she becomes an artisan with the help of two cousins, Munnaji and Madanji. In addition, there are other interconnected stories of characters that puzzle over broken lines of love, freedom, bonds, and expectations in the novel.

Kintsugi The Art of Repairing with Gold

By: Chiara Lorenzetti

That is another top-selling Kintsugi-inspired book by a famous Chiara Lorenzetti. The writer breaks the book into two parts, and the entire story revolves around a Japanese shogun and his broken teacup.

In the book’s first half, the author introduces the repairing journey of the broken teacup inspired by the Kintsugi method. Furthermore, you will read many interesting things, including drawing with black ink to cover the messiness.

But, in the next half, the story takes a different route and explores the original wabi-sabi Japanese Kintsugi technique using the actual materials and sheds some light on its philosophical stance. It is an enjoyable 66 pages long book in the English language that will keep you occupied throughout the reading and inspire you to challenge yourself by giving life to the brokenness.

The Kintsugi Kid

By: Allison Mathis Jones’

Kintsugi is a crafting idea that no one would understand overnight. It takes time and patience to repair broken things, giving hope of new life to the brokenness.

Allison Jones beautifully interprets the pearl story of re-discovery, which clatters due to the unusual habit of twirling everything. It explicitly introduces the Kintsugi technique with kids and young readers.

The author strives to teach youngsters about strength, confidence, self-love even after getting shattered. Allison aims to deliver the message of embracing and celebrating their wounds as they make them unique. In addition, this is the top-selling Kintsugi-inspired book for kids and our youth and grabbed attention worldwide.

The Art of Kintsugi: Learning the Japanese Craft of Beautiful Repair

By: Alexandra Kitty

Suppose you are not looking to grab the idea of Kintsugi merely but are more interested in learning the technique. In that case, you should get this book by journalist Kitty.

Kitty would walk you through the step-by-step process of Kintsugi and help you learn the use of the technique on ceramics, jewelry, and sculpture. She would also guide you through painting the noticeable gold lines on cracked surfaces of the objects so they can glow and present as visually appealing. In addition, Kitty pours in some thoughtful suggestions to use the technique on different things that will undoubtedly appeal to many crafters. Besides, She also seems to highlight the rational underpinnings of the Japanese craft to deliver its long-forgotten message.

The Japanese Art of Embracing the Imperfections and Loving your Flaws

By: Tomas Navarro

Kintsugi is a Japanese craft technique to mend broken ceramics with gold. But, this book focuses on its philosophical stance. The author reveals that sometimes it’s hard for us to embrace our failing and shattering when we lose our job, a loved one, or something we adore the most.

However, in the lights of the Japanese art of Kintsugi, this is where the beauty begins. His sensitive reflection on engaging with our wounds and shine through them to make a real difference in life makes the book worth reading.

Kintsugi – Finding Strength in Imperfection

By: Celine Santini

It is quite a self-help book that wouldn’t encourage you to practice the art form of Kintsugi. Instead, it directs the life journey of broken pottery, which cleanses, grooms, and heal by applying gold at cracks. It gives the idea that hope is a powerful thing, and Kintsugi has the power to mend the scars that would take the hope otherwise.

Furthermore, this 2019 Golden Nautilus book award winner becomes a therapy metaphor for people going through rough patches in their lives. This book offers generous help to heal, overcome wounds, and embrace scars to get back on the life track.

Top 5 Kintsugi products to enhance your healing journey

From books to ceramics, skin and hair care to various Kintsugi-essentials and many more we have tracked down the most popular ones for you. Check out these the latest Kintsugi-related products/kits and books that will motivate you to embrace Kintsugi in new and exciting ways.

Here’s a shortlist of must-haves top 5 Kintsugi-related product that will make you beautiful and unique having been broken.

DIY Kintsugi Kit Repair Starter Kit

Kintsugi is a Japanese art form where breaks and repairs are treated as part of the object’s history. This complete starter set comes with an instruction booklet, thank you card, two-part glue 25 ml, powder 5g, gloves, mixing sticks, brush everything you need to repair your broken ceramic, enough glue ingredients to fix several objects. Adding the COMPACT SIZE- DIY KINTSUGI KIT that is very compact (with box size- Lenght- 9.25 Inch Width-6.5 Inch) Helping you to have that uniquely Japanese flavor into boring ceramics or give your broken dishes a second life. A perfect gift idea to spread the joy and wisdom of being able to keep what you love. Grab one now through

Kintsugi: Finding Strength in Imperfection Book

This book is a must-have, especially for every book lover—winner of the prestigious 2019 Golden Nautilus Book Award. This book lets you experience Japan as an is an inspiration in the personal growth and development field. Kintsugi is the ancient Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with powdered gold. Day after day, week after week, stage by stage, the object is cleaned, groomed, treated, healed, and finally enhanced. Nowadays, it has also become a well-known therapy metaphor for resilience. This practical book will help you overcome rough times, heal your deepest wounds, and become whole again through the numerous stages, writing exercises, and testimonies. Grab your copy now at

Seletti Kintsugi Mug Cup in Porcelain and 24 Carat Gold

A Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba-designed porcelain mug with 24-carat gold mod.3 perfect for coffee or tea lovers. Or you may put it on display in your kitchen or living room, reminding you that Not only is there no attempt to hide the damage, but the repair is illuminated. You may get one at

Meyspring Royal Gold Epoxy Resin Color Pigment – 50g

This beautiful gold pigment creates stunning special effects in resin art pieces without any other additive. Having pearlescent pigments of 10-60 microns in size to better blend with epoxy resin crystal clear like Ecoepoxy, UV resin, art resin, countertop epoxy, and food safe epoxy resin.  

Its pigment is the gorgeous metallic shade that catches your eye every time light hits it. Most resin geodes need that kind of shine this mineral pigment gives off. a shimmery and metallic-like appearance will turn resin projects into genuinely unique masterpieces. it is safe and non-toxic, leaving stain-free clothing, gentle on the skin, and won’t irritate. as with any additive, always test a small area before full use to ensure allergy safety. Visit this site to avail one now

Talking Tables Pack of 12 Truly Scrumptious Floral Plates with Kintsugi Style | Disposable Tableware for Afternoon Tea Party, Birthday, Mother’s Day, Bridgerton Theme.

These unique vintage floral plates by Talking Tables are perfect for serving up sweet and savory party foods. Each pack contains 12 paper plates with floral porcelain and broken china kintsugi designs. Each plate has a 9″ diameter. Perfect for serving up delicious cakes and sandwiches at a Birthday Party, Garden Party, or other special occasions. To complete the look, we also stock paper teacups, floral napkins a. Visit our Amazon Store to view all our fabulous and fun tableware and partyware and party decorations Talking Tables Pack of 12 Truly Scrumptious Floral Plates with Kintsugi Style | Disposable Tableware for Afternoon Tea Party, Birthday, Mother’s Day, Bridgerton Theme : Toys & Games

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