Kintsugi – A novel

Kintsugi pot

By: Anukrti Upadhyay

Anukrti is a Mumbai-based writer, and Kintsugi is her third novel after securing hype in the previous two top-selling stories. It is an incredible book that highlights the Kintsugi craft and sheds light on the beauty of broken things. Also, the whole book is beautifully written, portraying the beauty of Japan and Jaipur.

Her story revolves around fascinating characters like Haruko and Leela. They belong to the goldsmith family but are forbidden to explore any crafts. Leela realizes her interest in the art and starts practicing Kintsugi methods until she becomes an artisan with the help of two cousins, Munnaji and Madanji. In addition, there are other interconnected stories of characters that puzzle over broken lines of love, freedom, bonds, and expectations in the novel.