Kintsugi The Art of Repairing with Gold

Kintsugi pot

By: Chiara Lorenzetti

That is another top-selling Kintsugi-inspired book by a famous Chiara Lorenzetti. The writer breaks the book into two parts, and the entire story revolves around a Japanese shogun and his broken teacup.

In the book’s first half, the author introduces the repairing journey of the broken teacup inspired by the Kintsugi method. Furthermore, you will read many interesting things, including drawing with black ink to cover the messiness.

But, in the next half, the story takes a different route and explores the original wabi-sabi Japanese Kintsugi technique using the actual materials and sheds some light on its philosophical stance. It is an enjoyable 66 pages long book in the English language that will keep you occupied throughout the reading and inspire you to challenge yourself by giving life to the brokenness.