Oprah’s struggle reveals a kintsugi spirit

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We all carry a burden of brokenness in different ways. What many are learning is that a special healing process might bring honour to those things in our past that once brought us shame.

If we look at all the brokenness and damage in just one life it is hard to imagine that any good could come of it. Could those very same cracks and fractures become the strongest and most and valuable features of our lives? Are these imperfections something that we could come to treasure?

Beauty in Imperfection: A Timeline of Oprah Winfrey’s Life

At this time, who does not know America’s first lady of talk shows? Oprah Winfrey is the first black multi-billionaire. She has recently ranked as the most outstanding black philanthropist in American history.

Oprah’s fast ascent to fame didn’t happen overnight. It takes passion, commitment, and rising every fall to make all these achievements possible. Connecting the pieces of her life, we will understand how defects are great art to illuminate one’s life. Aside from these triumphs, fame, and billions, Oprah has a life story to unfold that can help us change how we look at the world.

The Beginning of A Dream: Childhood days

Oprah Gail Winfrey was born on January 29, 1954, in the small county of Kosciusko, Mississippi, to the proud parents Vernita Lee and Vernon Winfrey. Initially, her name should be Orpah – a word taken from the Bible. But because her name is constantly mispronounced, it was changed to Oprah since then. Sadly, Oprah’s parents separated soon after being born and leaving her to her grandmother’s maternal care on the farm.

Even in her childhood days, Winfrey loves to entertain herself by performing in front of the farm animals as her audience. Oprahs’ grandmother was a strict. Because of this, young Oprah learned to read and write when she was two and a half years old. Oprah was active with church activities and actively participated in an Easter event. Once on her pre-school days, Young Winfrey wrote a letter to her teacher saying that she belonged to the first-grade class, which became why she skipped kindergarten. After a year, she once again got promoted to the third grade.

At six, Winfrey was reunited with her mother and two half-brothers after being sent to the most impoverished and dangerous place in the north – Milwaukee ghetto. At twelve, she was sent to Tennessee to live with her long-lost father, finally felt secure. With much delight and inspiration, she began writing speeches at churches and social gatherings, paving her way to earn money for a one-time single speech. She then discovered her talent and inculcated on her mind what she wanted in life – to be paid to talk.

After series of residential transfers, Winfrey was sent back to her mother, leaving the safety of her father’s home. Winfrey’s teenage life has been negatively affected by the poor urban lifestyle. Oprah’s life struggle at the age of nine was heightened with repeated sexual abuse by men that her family used to trust. These circumstances in Oprah’s life leave scars on her mind and heart. And from these life struggles and brokenness, the little Oprah began a struggle for hope and healing.

From Broken To Beautiful: The Start of the life-Changing Journey

Oprah’s father was a very strict disciplinarian. As a policy, she would learn new vocabulary words each day and complete her weekly book reports or she would be refused dinner. All the books, rules, and life’s structure became her strength.

For Oprah, life could never be perfect. What’s important is how she handled situations that go her way. She didn’t hide where she came from or prevent them from being part of who she is. Instead, she embraced her hardships and let them make her stronger. Oprah trancended her harsh and abusive circumstances because she allowed all her life lessons to transform her into something beyond her wildest dreams.

In-School, Winfrey was an excellent student, with active participation in various clubs such as the debate club, drama club, and the student council. She won a full scholarship to Tennessee State University by winning a speaking contest. Year after, she was invited to participate in a White House Conference on Youth. Oprah is also a born beauty queen, crowned as Miss Fire Prevention by a local radio station in Nashville which later hired her to read afternoon newscasts. She also became Miss Black Nashville and crowned Miss Tennessee during her freshman year at Tennessee state.

At nineteen and currently on her sophomore days in college, a broadcasting network offered Oprah to co-anchor an evening news show. She reluctantly accepted the role to support her college dreams. The show was aired nightly at WTVF-TV, making Winfrey the first African American co-anchor in Nashville’s media history.

Traversing the Professional Life and Its Promising Popularity

Oprah’s total transformation after all her hardships in life is a great evidence to show that life harms can turn into something wonderful

In January 1984, Winfrey moved to Chicago, Illinois, to anchor the top-rating morning talk show.  A.M. Chicago. She then emphasized current and controversial topics which proved highly popular. After surpassing other shows in the competition, the program was renamed the Oprah Winfrey Show. After years of hard work in radio and television, Winfrey was then discovered by Quincy Jones who chose her for the role of a fine actress in a movie he was co-producing with director Steven Spielberg – a film entitled The Color Purple.

Oprah Winfrey’s TV show skyrocketed in popularity after the success of The Color Purple. In September 1985, the distributor King World bought the show’s syndication rights to distribute and air the program in almost one hundred thirty-eight cities across America, a record for first-time syndication. Although some competitors were being aired on almost two hundred stations, Winfrey emerged victorious by winning her time slot by 31 percent, drawing twice from other top competitors, and was carried to the top ten markets in the United States.

The Beauty of scars, the beauty of life

Your biggest fears, deepest pain, and all the hardships may also guide you to strength and healing. The story of our past just like to Oprah demonstrate that life’s bitter experiences from which we learn and grow.

The beauty of Kintsugi is joining broken pieces without covering the breaks and turning the fractures into a feature, revealing a stunning work of art. Oprah is one of the most extraordinary pieces of evidence that our deepest pain can create a powerful and inspiring life that brings hope to millions.