The Art of Kintsugi: Learning the Japanese Craft of Beautiful Repair

Kintsugi hand gold

By: Alexandra Kitty

Suppose you are not looking to grab the idea of Kintsugi merely but are more interested in learning the technique. In that case, you should get this book by journalist Kitty.

Kitty would walk you through the step-by-step process of Kintsugi and help you learn the use of the technique on ceramics, jewelry, and sculpture. She would also guide you through painting the noticeable gold lines on cracked surfaces of the objects so they can glow and present as visually appealing. In addition, Kitty pours in some thoughtful suggestions to use the technique on different things that will undoubtedly appeal to many crafters. Besides, She also seems to highlight the rational underpinnings of the Japanese craft to deliver its long-forgotten message.