The Symbolism and Philosophy of Japanese Craft Kintsugi

The idea of Kintsugi is healing broken things and embracing their flaws. Celebrate their struggle of being broken and put together after going through a lengthy process. Kintsugi symbolizes hope, acceptance, healing, and perfecting your imperfections.

Kintsugi is used as a metaphor for embracing ourselves and our parts that have been broken. We all go through certain phases of our life where we feel uncertain about our flaws, get our hearts broken, and lose hope. Besides, it refers to the emotional scars as well as the physical ones. We may have physical insecurities that we conceal under the skin and burden ourselves to be perfect.

Kintsugi teaches us to pull ourselves together, heal, sprinkle some gold on our personality, and get back on the tracks of life. While repairing the broken ceramic, Kintsugi teaches us the valuable lesson of being firmer, unique, and flawless even with the scars. Because it is a truth that we won’t realize our full potential until we go through a rough life patch. The main idea of the Kintsugi technique is never to hide your flaws, instead embrace them with full confidence and wear your scars with pride. It highlights your life story, and you should be proud of yourself to survive the tough times.