Video: Kintsugi Repair DIY

Kintsugi is a beautiful Japanese art of repairing broken ceramic pieces. We all realize that the ceramics are sensitive, and sometimes while using, we end up damaging, breaking or giving them annoying scratches. Well, you no longer have to throw your favourite pottery pieces just because they may not serve you purpose anymore. Instead, highlight and heal their broken area using the Kintsugi technique and give your ceramic and pottery a delicate look.

Many online resources are available to learn this Japanese practice, including YouTube Tutorials. Many professionals have been making YouTube tutorials with a step-by-step process to help you understand and grab the concept concisely. They will break or repair ceramic or pottery pieces on camera so that you won’t get confused and get the idea properly.

Kintsugi Repair DIY

It is another crucial YouTube tutorial guiding the practice of Kintsugi. guiding the practice of Kintsugi. She will give attention to details concerning the ingredients while making the paste, so you get the measurements and don’t waste any of yours. The paste applying process is also pretty detailed on different ceramic broken stuff to teach the lesson effectively.

The subtitles on the video make it super convenient to understand the process. And YouTuber will show you the post-repairing process so you won’t get confused if your results come opposite.