Why is understanding Kintsugi important for us?

The Power of Kintsugi

It is an artistic practice of acceptance and feels beautiful, complete, and energetic than the past sufferings. The concept of Kintsugi enlightens the healing process, whether from the physical or emotional injury. It gives us hope and encouragement to never give up.

Just like the pieces of broken ceramic mend after a slow process, we can also transform our personality into something beautiful. The traumas, suffering, and bad experiences in life shouldn’t hold you back; Kintsugi promotes healing and embraces the self-doubt we have in mind.

Kintsugi Quote
Kintsugi Quote

Perfection is overrated.

We should never expect anything to be perfect, let alone ourselves. Life is a rollercoaster for everybody, and we all have bad experiences. However, we do appreciate being open up about our sufferings, traumas, and vulnerabilities. Admitting mistakes and owning responsibility reduces the burden, especially with emotional traumas.

However, sometimes we are scared to expose certain parts of our lives. We may think that we are the only one going through it and talking about would make us more vulnerable. Not knowing that embracing and accepting our insecurities would make us more vulnerable and admiring.

Just like the healed ceramic object, having layers of gold, platinum, or silver on it, we can also have those layers of our experiences. Every break and every scar tells a different story that holds significant importance in our lives. We never know we can be an inspiration for so many lost souls who lose hope and confidence after the traumatic experience. Seeing our golden scars would give them hope and a reason to start over. That’s why Kintsugi is not only a technique to repair broken pottery. It is also a practice to mend lost souls and give them the courage to be proud of their scars. In addition, you may be ordinary with your scars, but the Kintsugi technique would make you extraordinary; it only requires faith and patience with the process.

Wrap Up.

Bad things happen to good people, but it doesn’t mean it makes them bad. You can still grow, live, and keep going with your life, and that’s life. Sufferings and ups and downs are a significant part of it, and we all should accept the consequences with open arms.

Kintsugi teaches us that we can still be beautiful with our scars, and our flaws won’t restrict us to grow. Instead, we should wear them with pride and understand the real meaning of life through its lessons. Breaking the ceramic object and repairing them with silver or golden layers wouldn’t be a bad idea to understand this ancient Japanese art.